Breelan Angel - Dirty Little Secrets

MisBhavin' Records

Texas-born and raised Breelan Angel is a singer and songwriter who blends old-school country with a modern youthful edge. She’s been playing gigs around the Lone Star State and recording in Nashville for the past few years and through heartache and steely determination, she has discovered her voice on this latest album—an intriguing marriage of old and new. She brings together a set of songs that seem linked, like a novel but effortlessly stand on their own. The album is ruminative and nuanced, emotionally naked enough to alter the mood of a room. The best modern country music gets right to the heart of human drama while remaining oblique about time and place.  With multiple tales of cheating, obsession, loneliness, and love gone wrong, Breelan takes well-used country themes, populates them with a panoply of flawed but real characters, and, ultimately, makes us feel happy that our lives are as good as they are.

The key here is the title cut. It’s the best thing Breelan has ever done—writing, producing and singing—and it’s one fine, hard-charging country song with an intelligent lyric and an infectious arrangement. She gets right into She Made Your Bed, a powerful song about a cheatin’ partner with some great country lines and an arrangement that revolves around sliding pedal steel and Breelan’s vocal delivery which is slightly understated, yet undeniably powerful. The feisty Double Standards has a jangly country-rock feel with hard-edged electric lead behind her vibrant vocals. In contrast there’s a heart-breaking feel to the steel-drenched Can’t Tell A Heart, as she laments a relationship that has lost its meaning, but is still hard to leave. Andy Leftwich’s fiddle comes to the fore on Love Understands with her distinctive vocal offering the right amount of torch tempered with just a hint of twang.

From heartfelt numbers to hardcore honky-tonkers, Breelan Angel invests a spirit and sincerity that is quite alluring…here’s an artist to keep an ear on, for sure. Seek out and be prepared to be won over.